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From idea to ​business -
Organizing the SPV and financement

The first step is always decding how to enter the market. Most client of ours started with questions such as "what are the operating costs" and "how much panels cost". These are important numbers, but all solar project start with the appropriate documentation including the necessary permissions, plans and contracts. We always cooperate with local partners understanding the local environment, while understanding the financial background, cash-flow and future risks, we can assess the feasibility of each project.


We can help our clients in the following fields:

- Finding ready-to-build bprojects

- Legal and financial due diligence

- Technical due diligence

- Obtaining permissions and dealing with local administration

- Planning

From business to having a running park -
The construction

As soon as the documentation is ready the park shall start to be built. Numerous EPC companies offer services claiming experience in constructing photovoltaic parks, but only a few has done so using own captial. Utilizing top branded components does not ensure the best long term return on investment. Placing of panels, scaling the inverters properly among other details have huge effect on production, while cooperating with trustworthy local partners are not only a necessity but a huge cost advantage as well.


Nevertheless a park is not finished when it is making electricity. Important is to sell the electricity, which requires tesing, adjustments to the environment and approval procedures.


We provide:

- Procurement

- Local shipping

- Ground works, cabling, installation, construction, setup

- Legislation-dependents tasks


The longest taks: running a park for years -

In most cases the aim is not to have a running park, but to have revenue from the production of energy. Since the investment is repaid in several years, a well constructed park shall also be maintained.


Maintenance of solar parks not only consist of cutting the grass and cleaning the panels, but also employing local people and dealing with local security companies.

Sold electricity shall also be administered. Depending on the local requrements it is required to provide daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports, renew sales contracts, dealing with changing legislation.


We take over:

- Field maintenance

- Local solar park management

- Legal and financial services

- Corporate administration

- Forecasting and reporting

- International electricity trade

Photovoltaics from A to Z


We were one of the first companies in the region that invested in photovoltaics, which made us learn the hard way that solar energy is not only about buying quality panels. We went through all the difficulties of receiving our first permissions in an environment that had no experience providing one, we helped local financial partners understand the glitches of the industry, and cooperating with local people helped us operate our parks without major failures.

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