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Marvik Pastrogor​

  • Location: Pastrogor,  Svilengrad municipality, South Central region of Bulgaria

  • Land area: 2,7ha

  • Average annual effective global irradiation in the region: 1500kWh/m2.

  • Total installed capacity: 1,54 MW.

  • Solar modules installation is divided into two stages:

    • First stage: 1064 kWp, 3800 solar modules CEEG, type SST 235-60P and 684 solar modules CEEG, type SST 250-60М, on grid by March 31, 2011;

    • Second stage: 472 kWp, 1600 solar modules CEEG, type SST 295-72M., on grid by August 31, 2011

  • Inverters:

    • 6 central inverters: IDS SOLO 250 ISC-40-3x22

    • 14 string boxes type IDS SSB-A-25-250

    • 4 string boxes type IDS SSB-A-14-140

    • Remote control and monitoring system IDS Itegrated Central Control.

  • The mounting system:

    • Zinc coated elements

    • Adjustable tilt angle (three tilt angles 10°, 32° and 45°) which can be changed manually according to the season.

  • Substation according to the two stages of the installation

    • First stage:  Elprom trafo2х500kVA

    • Second stage: Elprom trafo 1x500kVA CCTS


Photovoltaic park using adjustable structure


Yearly production of the year 2013 for our "Marvik Pastrogor" photovoltaic park

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