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  • Location: Husasau de Tinca, 46°49'14" North, 21°54'6" East

  • Land: 5ha, SPV private property

  • Average annual effective global irradiation in the region: 1350kWh/m2.

  • Total installed capacity: 2,3MWp.

  • Solar modules:

    • 9765 solar modules: CSUN 250-72P

    • Operation on grid by September, 2013

  • Inverters:

    • 149 string inverters: Danfoss TLX-15 Pro

  • The mounting system:

    • Zinc coated elements

    • Fixed angles at 30°

    • Three rows of panels in landscape orientation

  • Grid connection

    • 20kV underground electric line, areal line at the connection point

    • 1250kVA transformer

  • Accredited for 6 Green Certificates


Photovoltaic park right after construction


Photovoltaic park with three rows structure


Photovoltaic park before mounting the solar panels

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