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We are proud to be among the very few companies, which developed, operate and successfully sustain multiple photovoltaic parks in our region.


Dana aims to be a stable and reliable a financial integrator in the photovoltaic field on the Balkans. Building on our experiences we can provide assistance our partners to find projects from a very initial phase, study their feasibility, get into SPV and develop the project from all aspects – project advising, technical and legal due diligence, engineering, construction, financing, and last but not least operation.


Dana Ltd. was established in 1991 in Hungary. The company started its activities in the printing industry providing quality services in the financial sector. Understanding the needs of clients the company extended its portfolio to the electronic media in the form of designing and manufacturing information kiosks and queue management systems. In the past ten years Dana Ltd. has expanded in the region, establishing subsidiaries in Bulgaria and Croatia.

Dana Bulgaria was founded in 2003 as a subsidiary of Dana Hungary. As a subsidiary, the foremost projects included development, sales and support of electronic equipment for client service areas. Our sales partners were corporate and governmental clients such as major banks, companies, institutions.


Starting with the year 2009 Dana Bulgaria refocused its activities on the photovoltaic energy sector. At the time the Bulgarian market was first in the region about to open for photovoltaic energy. Dana Bulgaria was amongst the first companies, which started developing PV plants in Bulgaria. The company took care of the first project from taking over the land and permissions through the engineering, construction, final set up until the ongoing operation.

After refinancing our first project, we installed our next one in May 2012. This project was also refinanced, this time by UBB in Bulgaria in February 2013.

The introduction of less beneficial feed-in-tariff in Bulgaria and the opening of the Romanian photovoltaic market drove us to focus on that region. We developed three projects in Romania, one followed by the other, the last being in operation since November 2013.


We have also identified market for providing construction to clients and operation & maintenance services for existing photovoltaic parks. The experience – gained by being an O&M service provider in a complex IT environment – and knowledge being a regional developer and investor of PV projects gives us a unique combination that helps us becoming a well-established O&M contractor.

We have helped erecting phtovoltaic parks and projects to numerous clients in Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia and Macedonia as well, During the last year more and more PV park owners have recognized our competence in the field.

Providing services in oversaturated industries, we found investing in the renewable energy industry is safe, sustainable, scalable and socially positive.

Our Story

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